In swedish secondary school there's this thing called the "Gymnasiearbete", where you dedicate YOUR OWN DAMN FREE TIME to a large, researched project related to the line you're studying. If you're an art student like I am, that basically just means you get to do even more of the thing you like (except it becomes less enjoyable when it's a necessity and you never have time to work on it anyways because you have to balance all your other schoolwork as well as getting some fucking rest in between too). For my Gymnasiearbete, I decided to make a short comic because i hate myself apparently.
PESTICIDE is about demonic bugs invading earth, and the ragtag guerilla pesticide/exorcism company trying to stop them.
The original idea came to me in the summer of 2022, when I suddenly started having gross, abstract nightmares about insects. I was never scared of bugs before, in fact i used to be quite fond of them so this was quite a sad development. Anyway, I thought making up cool characters who fought even scarier bugs could be a way to deal with that fear, and so I created the character of Mace, the leader of the PESTICIDE gang. I also made sketches for the kinds of beasts our "heroes" wuld be fighting, which i hope I can make good references for some day.


CHARACTERS (coming soon!)