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I have newfound(ish) interest in VIDEO EDITING! Especially making AMV's. AMV stands for Anime Music Video, but it can be used more broadly to include things like video games too. Basically, an AMV is a fanmade music video where a song is matched with clips from anime, video game cutscenes, movies, etc. It's a really fun way to express yourself and it lets you combine your love of both a song and the media you match it with!
Here are the AMV's I've made so far, along with a little text explaining why I made it and stuff:

I finished this one pretty quickly. Some parts of it i'm really proud of while others feel rushed and incoherent, so I have mixed opinions on it. I really like the ending even though it's really sad ;_;
I wrote it in the youtube description but I might make a version that has the demo version of the song i used instead. I also wanted the video to be lower resolution, like 240p or something so it looks like a really old AMV. I ended up not doing that, but maybe i will for the demo version.
Anyways, i picked this song for Axel and Roxas because 1) The lyrics talk about memories in a sort of vague but still uncomfortable and sad way that really gets to me, and 2) the chorus where the singer goes "PLEASEE JUST GIVEE ME BACK MY HEEEEEAAAAAARRRRTTTTTTT" it's SO PERFECT! It works for Roxas because of how he wishes he could be his own person separate from Sora, and it works for Axel because he's all bitter and sad over Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2 even though Nobodies shouldn't have hearts or emotions and Axel clearly feels SOMETHING! UGH!!

I actually started working on this in january of 2022, but i only finished it up just now. This song is really fun especially if you know the lyrics, and it reminded me of Big Boss for some reason? I really like how this AMV turned out, especially the first half. It's just something fun and silly and very "dudes rock".

Technically my first fully finished AMV. I started making it like right after i watched the film, but then sort of forgot about it until November. I think you can see a pattern here...
The Death Lullaby is a really good short film, you should watch it.