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This painting shows a depiction of the earth, and everything that exists on, in, and around it.
I wanted to show a contrast between mechanisms built by humans, and the nature that has existed since long before them.
Another contrast I used was that of the mundane, like peeling an orange on a picknick blanket,
and the supernatural, such as a UFO or ghosts travelling over the sea.
This is the entire universe from the view of one person. The earth is cracked like an egg on the ground,
and inside of it is a smaller sun, with smaller planets revolving around it.



Every year at my school, the seniors can choose to put their art in an exhibit.
Since i first heard about it when i moved to this school in the fifth grade i knew i wanted to be in it.
There's always a theme to base your project on, but you can interperet it pretty loosely.
This years theme was Myths and Magic.
I was pretty lost on what to do at first because i was very caught up with my submissions for entering art school.
but during one class i just started sketching, and i made a detailed and busy drawing of a girl with big eyes surrounded by nature and space.
I showed it to my art teacher and told her i wanted to do a painting based on it. She cut out a huge piece of canvas and i got to work.
I worked every class but towards the end i realized i wouldn't finish it with only that time,
so i got to skip a few classes where i had nothing to work on, and i managed to finish it only two days before it had to be hung up for showing.
I wrote a little text to go with it, too. That's what the text above this is, only translated into english.

hung on display in the hallway by the entry

This painting took a lot of hard work, and caused me quite a bit of stress,
but in the end i think it all paid off.


My classmates said it was fun to watch the painting "grow" as i worked on it.

the original sketch i did