ok so just from his name Nerdboy is kinda like a typical Nerd. Does well in school and is usually considered pretty 'smart' compared to his peers, but isnt very popular or good with social interactions. That doesn't get to him tho! Hes happy with the friends he's got(both from school and online), and besides, hes really enthusiastic about video games!!!! really enthusiastic!!! so enthusiastic in fact, that basicaly as soon as he finishes a game he has to learn EVERY single thing about even the most obscure background characters, down to the file names.

Even though he gets flustered super easily and overthinks his every little movement, he always trying to think positively and make the best out of situations!!! isnt that nice!!! And people don't mistake his positivity for childishness or naivety either, because he's got about the same amount of stress as a 32 yearold office worker businessman whos goig thru a divorce and THE BUSINESS ISNT GOING UP ON THE GRAPHS!!!!!!!!

he has a huge crush-kinda-more-than-a-crush on Emoboy, but would never tell anyone cause he knows how fast rumors spread. he wishes(fantasizes) about someday walking together to the mall, holding hands and eating icecream.....but deep down he knows that would probably never happen cus why would a cool emo boy with purple hair date a loser like him :(((( but even deeper down he's still holding on to hope that it might work out someday...