June A.K.A Kitty_Otaku334

In the slice of her life, June is just June. But to her online friends, she's Kitty_Otaku334, a bubbly girl with cat ears and a naive love for everything around her.Most of that holds true outside of the internet too, only a bit more acne than vertical lines of blush on her cheeks, and a headband instead of genuine neko ears(even if she wants you to believe they're real). She worships the ground the emo kids walk on, but wouldn't dare to look moxie in the eyes even if death was the other option(those are basically the same to June). Despite her insecurity around people she find cool, she usually completely lacks any self-awareness, acting very loud and obnoxious and excagerated, totally embarassing her friends who get red in the face from accidentally breathing too loud or something.